Professional Photos and Makeup Tips for Mature Women!

Hello Gorgeous! In this video Dawn Gallagher pairs up makeup artist Joseph Boggess to give you their professional photos and makeup tips for mature women over 40, 50. It’s never to late to get glamourous. We’ve been working together since the #80’s! Subscribe to Dawn

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All makeup used in this video Dawn Gallagher’s shop:
and goPure skincare
To contact Makeup artist Joseph Boggess please go to and his instagram is @josephboggess2197.
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Makeup list used in this video:

GoPure Beauty and vitamin C serum: …

Toner: Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner:

Concealer: Lancome Maquicomplet complete coverage concealer- Light Buff

Foundation: Smart Cover Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme- Neutral Medium Beige:

Cheeks: Smart cover Two In One Glow Stick & Smart Cover Believable Bronzer:

Brows: MAC retractable eyebrow crayon- ‘Lingering’:

Ready To Wear Design A Brow Long-Wearing Brow Pen:

Gel Liner: Starry* eyeliner gel in ‘Chocolate”:

Shadows: MAC Blanc Type, Satin Taupe, Brun, Shroom:

Mascara: ‘Maybelline’ Lash Discovery Black we also love #glossier black mascara

Liner MAC ’Soar’ lip pencil: and

Moisture Drench Lipstick in ‘Caramel Silk’:

Under eye concealer:

Instagram: ….

Website –

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Makeup can be a creative, artistic expression of yourself. I am hoping women of all ages enjoy this video as it shows a true iconic artist, Joseph Boggess teaching us how to apply makeup in a way that enhances our features. To order any of these items please see my amazon shop.

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Joseph and I do LIVE video’s .

About this video

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In this video Dawn Gallagher gives you day to night makeup for women over 50,
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  1. Mitsoufanny says:

    You both made my day and uplifted my spirit especially that I am turning 58 on Monday.  Thank you, thank you.

    • Dawn Gallagher says:

      Wow, you made my day. I strive for women to feel beautiful at any age and I really appreciate the comment. Dawn XO

  2. Alexandra Boos says:

    You are such an inspiration for women over 40. Thank you for showing us that there is no expiration date on beauty.

  3. Julie Turner says:

    Wow…beautiful…I love both dresses.

  4. Angela Massey says:

    Love you and your message. Just turned 60 on August 1 and plan to rock every day😘

  5. Johanna Wienzek says:

    The most beautiful and gorgeous experience ever! You made my day – I can feel the good energy and the beauty that is created inside of all of us and that can shine through us when we embrace what we have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥♥

    • Johanna Wienzek says:

      @Dawn Gallagher ♥♥♥

    • Dawn Gallagher says:

      Johanna Wienzek thank you sweetheart! I so appreciate you and all your support and kindness 🦋🙏🏻💕. We must love ourselves and appreciate who we are and what we have and you are a shining example 🦋

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