This video is full of crazy makeup ideas that will totally surprise you! You can use these ideas to prepare for themed parties or even prank your friends. Moreover, you will find everyday makeup tips to speed up your daily routine.
Here are incredible makeup ideas you should try today:
– Let’s start from makeup that will help you to look like an elderly. You will need school glue. Apply it on your skin and let dry. After that, cover your face with fixing powder. It gives an effect of the wrinkled face. And finally, cover the face with baby powder.
– Joker makeup is so easy but looks crazy! First, create Joker’s smile using school glue, apply 3 layers. Next, using scissors carefully cut the layers of glue. Apply liquid lipstick to finish the smile. Then apply a black line from either side of the mouth to create a smile. Finish the makeup as we show in our tutorial
– Watch the video till end and find how to create fake cuts, scars, and even pimples. To create pimples, you will need a red eye shadow, eyelash glue, yellow eye shadow. Watch step by step tutorial
– It’s very easy to make fake cuts. Apply a layer of glue stick on your skin, make shades using eye shadow. In a bowl, mix honey, blue and red food coloring. Stir and apply to imitate blood
– You can make a cheap body glow at home. It’s a perfect solution to look great in summer. Use golden eyeshadows and add it to the baby oi. Mix it properly
– If your mascara is dry, add few drops of olive oil into it
– Use a white pencil to make your eyes look bigger. Watch the tutorial!

00:09 Old lady makeup
00:41 Joker makeup
02:04 Fake pimples
05:14 Quick hairstyle
08:34 DIY Body Glow

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  1. Unicorn glitter &more!!! says:

    Step one: see your purple circles
    Step two: steal your brothers teabag
    Step three: slap those suckers on your face
    Step four: wait till you die to take them off
    Step five: take them off
    Step six: DIE?!?!

  2. XxDarkfirexX says:

    o jajan to video con un brauder

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  4. Harper Spies says:

    8:56 she just looks sweaty

  5. Ahmed Rashad Saudi says:

    Just some hacks were new isn’t it?

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